Efficient Cooling with the Best Portable 14000 BTU Air Conditioner

If you are looking for the best portable 14000 BTU air conditioner, look no further than the Whynter 14000 BTU. This minimalistic yet stylish portable air conditioner effectively draws warm and converts it into fresh, clean, and cool air.

This eco-friendly and powerful unit features an auto-drain technology that recycles collected moisture to produce cool air, digital controls, and a dual hose ventilation system that ensures rapid cooling.

Compact and Eco-Friendly Design

The Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S) is guaranteed CFC-free and features an energy efficient design. It uses an ozone-safe R-410A refrigerant lead-free RoHS-compliant components.

Clean and Cool Air

This portable and powerful 14000 AC unit can cool spaces up to 500 square feet under ambient room conditions. It is best installed in bedrooms, living rooms, classrooms, workshops, computer or server rooms and other enclosed spaces that require efficient cooling.


Its four multi-directional casters allow for easy transport of this unit from room to room. This portable AC unit is small enough to fit in medium-sized doors and can be placed in any room without permanent installation.

Auto Drain Technology

The auto drain function collects and recycles moisture from the air to produce clean, fresh, and cool air. It also exhausts all condensate in the air for a hygienic and continuous operation. The dehumidifier mode reduces moisture for a cleaner and more breathable air.

Extendable Dual Hose

The Whynter ARC-145 uses a dual hose exhaust, which draws warm air from the inside the room and from the outside environment, if applicable, and converts it into cooler and fresher air. The warm and humid air is then fully exhausted from the room through the extendable exhaust.

This dual hose system ensures efficient cooling and improved airflow for a more comfortable home or office space. The hose is extendable up to 60 inches for a better air suction and exhaust system.

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