Electrolux Split Air Conditioner: The Ultimate Guide

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You probably need an air conditioning unit to keep yourself cool during the warm months of summer. But why purchase a weak portable ac unit when you can meet your homes entire cooling needs with a single split ac unit?

Split air conditioning systems have powerful cooling mechanisms making them useful for the entire year. You would not need to spend more money on smaller, weaker units when one would be quite enough.

These powerful cooling units used to be restricted to those capable of paying their hefty asking price. But as with all technological innovations, the price of these wonderful machines has seen a gradual reduction. They are now more affordable than ever. Ordinary people can now experience the benefits of having steady and sustained cooling contained in just a single machine.

Many split ac units offer attractive designs that can help them blend in a home’s interior. Split ACs have two major parts, an indoor unit that contains the controls and the compressor and an outdoor module that has the condenser. Heat is drawn from the interior and diverted to the exterior module where it is released to the environment.

Several brands dominate the air conditioning industry. The Electrolux split air conditioner is one such brand that has made a good name for itself in this business. Other quality companies include Bluestar and Daikin. The Cygnus Split AC brand is also worth mentioning.

Our favorite split ac in the States is the Pioneer Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner. This is an excellent cooling unit that comes with the added benefit of being fairly easy to install. In fact, we know many folks who put this unit in over a weekend with few headaches.

Current central units have capacities between 0.5 to 1 ton. Some have even exceeded this number and are rated at 2.0 tons. The higher the capacity, the larger the room that the unit can cool.

Say goodbye to the sweltering heat of those warm summer months. Be more productive and get more done as you avoid the laziness and lack of energy associated with the oppressive summer heat. Get yourself a heavy duty window or split AC and enjoy the feel of a cool breeze inside your very own home.

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