Electronic Air Conditioner Filters: What You Need to Know

Although largely unseen and little known, air conditioning units operate under extreme forces to create comfort during long hot days of summertime. Of course, the last thought on most owners’ minds in mid-winter is cold air. However, it is prudent to take proactive steps by having an expert A/C system check performed.

Due to hectic pace of modern life, most folks never think about their air conditioners very much – until a breakdown occurs at most inopportune time.

Below are some basic self-help hints for optimal air conditioner health:

1. Run the unit for a few minutes right now, prior to arrival of summer scorchers. Waiting until the last minute to find out about a major problem on first day of summer means a long, hot wait for professional help.

2. Replace filters frequently. Filth causes filters to block air instead of cleansing it, thereby resulting in excessive energy usage and even ruining evaporator coils. Electronic air conditioner filters should be removed and thoroughly washed on a regular basis.

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3. Ensure that all panels are securely fastened with tight screws at each attachment point.

4. Remove visible blockage like leaves and paper from the immediate vicinity of an exterior AC unit.

5. Verify that the air conditioner system thermostat is pre-set within the “cool” range. Merely adjusting it to remain below ordinary room temperature does not trigger cooling function if settings are still on heat.

6. Entrust more complicated maintenance tasks to skilled and highly-trained HVAC experts.

Air conditioners are designed to be sturdy by taking years of abuse and exposure to inclement elements, while continuing loyal service of intended purpose. This does not equal a license for extreme dereliction of corresponding duty of owners for routine maintenance, however. Much like autos, A/Cs require periodic “tune ups” to maintain optimal performance.

Absent adequate routine maintenance, the average AC loses roughly 5% of maximum efficiency per year. That equates to a SEER 9 for a SEER 12 that’s less than five years old! Fortunately, though, you can recover that loss with frequent maintenance.

Research reveals that regular checkups and tuneups keep air conditioners function with as much as 95% of original efficiency. That stat further translates into rapid recovery of annual maintenance checks from lower energy and repair bills. Not to mention far better dehumidification that helps keep the doctor far away!

Very few mundane residential chores return such handsome dividends as AC maintenance. Rewards accrue with lower heat on summer days and higher bank balances with money saved on repairs, frequent replacement, and energy bills!

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