Everstar Portable Air Conditioner Reviews: The Ultimate Guide

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Consumers seeking a portable AC must make quality a priority. Due to the enormous array of available air conditioner models and designs, it can be difficult to identify the best options to fit individual needs.

Below is a detailed breakdown of beneficial features that distinguish Everstar portable air conditioner units from competing brands. (BTW, the Everstar line of air conditioners is now being manufactured under the Midea brand name.)

1. No installation necessary. Everstar Portable air conditioners can be put to work immediately upon removal from the box without professional assistance. Besides saving money spent on expert installation fees, buyers avoid wasting precious time to obtain and compare written price estimates from multiple contractors.

It is easy to install these units with easy step-by-step illustrated instructions in a manual that Everstar includes. Besides that, the lack of a bucket in the evaporating system saves buyers tons of time and energy wasted on frequent water bailouts. An extending hose attachment does all the work for them.

2. These units also come with fully functional remote control temperature sensing. Everstar integrates this device in all its portable ac units to enable ionization to facilitate environmental conservation.

Cooling mode operation may be set for 3 different speeds and all air vents have oscillating louvers to direct cool breeze in desired direction. A cutting-edge Bio Filter removes airborne dust particles and fungus from circulating air, while a light touch control panel displays digital readings and has a 24-hour timer. Each unit also comes with a one-hose exhaust pack.

3. Extremely portable. Everstar Portable air conditioner reviews repeatedly express great gratitude for this design advantage. Not only is it very easy to move the AC around, but automatic restarting eliminates the need to repeat time-consuming adjustments.

4. 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Regardless of particular model you decide to purchase, Everstar provides a full one-year warranty. Many customer reviews reveal the immense benefits of this guarantee that even covers labor and home product service that leaves competing brands far behind Everstar quality assurance commitment.

5. Noiseless bucket-free evaporator. The remarkably silent  evaporation systems are praised and highly touted by thankful customers. After all, who wouldn’t appreciate not having to sacrifice comfort for recreation of watching a favorite TV show or listening to music while staying cool.

In the event that the attachable hose that comes with the unit should collapse and separate upon any least bit of motion, the customer can have it thoroughly checked by a trained expert. Given this and other above-described great fringe benefits, Everest Portable air conditioner buyers never complain about deceptive advertising.

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