Everstar Small Air Conditioning Units

For anyone who has a small apartment or home, small portable air conditioners such as an Everstar can be an advantage over the large portable units or the central units.

Small units are more practical for small living areas. If they need to be relocated, it is much easier to move them, as well. They are also much less expensive than a large window unit or a central unit.

In some geographical regions, longer, hotter summers are the result of global warming. This temperature change has increased the demand for smaller air conditioning units.

Energy Efficiency Rating A+The small, portable units are less expensive to operate, as well. That means they will not take such a high toll on your energy use and your bills will be lower than if you run a large unit.

If your home is too large for a smaller air conditioner, one can be installed in your bedroom window and fans can be used in the rest of the rooms. In that way, you will be able to sleep more comfortably and not lose much needed rest.

The new, smaller air conditioner units are more efficient in their energy use compared to the old models. If you run a smaller, portable air conditioner unit occasionally, or just at night, you should not see a great increase in your energy bill.

Small, portable ac units can also be used in large homes with large window air conditioners or central air. In an older home, it may be more difficult to cool an upstairs bedroom than it is to cool the everstardownstairs main rooms. In that case, a portable unit can be installed in a hard-to-cool bedroom.

A small, portable air conditioner is sometimes called a windowless unit because a window is not required to install these small units. However, they must be vented to the outdoors, or the warm air will come out of the unit and cycle back into the room.

The hose from a small unit can be vented out through a window or into an unused room. It must be vented outside the room you want to cool. Condensed water will still discharge from a small portable unit. You can use a bucket under these air conditioners to collect the water and simply empty it as it fills.

Some small air conditioners are fitted with a pump to circulate the water over a condenser so that it evaporates, and releases the hot air through the vent hose.

It is wise to do a bit of research before buying a small air conditioner, such as the former Everstar models. The local retailers can help you determine exactly what you need to keep your home comfortable. When you have gathered facts and particulars, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

Do not look for an Everstar portable air conditioner, however, as they are not available. The company was sold and the brand is no longer made. If you check with home improvement stores such as Home Depot , you will find other brands including Soleus, Haier and Honeywell.

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