Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Windowless Air Conditioning Units

When it comes to windowless air conditioning units, the DeLonghi  brand is among the most popular available today. Their Pinguino unit may be their best-selling unit altogether. We will give a detailed review of this product in this article.

One of the first things about the De’Longhi Pinguino Portable Air Conditioner – 12,000 BTU is its stylish appeal. It just doesn’t have that monstrous look that many air conditioners do. It actually can keep you cool and at the same time, look like a penguin!

This amazing portable AC is not merely attractive, but amazingly effective. It utilizes an 11,000 BTU/H capacity to keep things cool, including yourself. It also has the ability to de-humidify and purify the air through its special filter. The sleepless nights on damp sheets while the mold crawls up your bathroom walls are over. This little machine can take care of those problems for you, and do it quietly in the background.

It is very portable indeed. You can cool down the living room during the day, then unplug it from that wall and move it to the bedroom, where it will continue to keep you cool. At its max power the Delonghi Pinguino is able to cool down medium-sized spaces very quickly. That means keeping you and your family sweat-free and comfortable at all times.

For people with asthma, elders or newborns in the home, this portable air conditioner can be like a life-saver. Breathing problems are helped by the elimination of mold in the air. Black mold is a known instigator of medical problems, such as nerves and lung damage. It is also very unsightly.

With the Pinguino you no longer have a monstrosity shaking your windows and home until your teeth rattle. You will hardly notice it is there, except for how much better quality the air is in your home.  There are hardly any maintenance requirements for this portable ac unit, mainly due to the fact no water tank is involved. You may be wondering how they pulled that one off.

The way they do it is by using their specially featured filter, the 3M Filter, that is super-capable of taking dust and pollen right out of the air, down to as little as .003 of a micron. That will keep any room fresh and humidity-free. Allergies are very common today, with many people welcoming any relief from them they can get. That is exactly what the Pinguino delivers.

Aside from being so efficient, the design is simply impressive. You simply turn it off and on and never have to worry about it otherwise. They are compact enough to be handy within any type of apartment situation.

Why would someone pay to cool down their entire household using central air, when all they use are 3 rooms in the house most of the time? And why would they not take advantage of using the DeLonghi Pinguino free standing air conditioner when it has the highest energy efficiency rating (A) according to the European standards.

Nearly all of these amazing little units are able to function fully as de-humidifiers. They can condition the air on many levels, and feature their own programmable hydrostat that enables owners to regulate their own humidity levels.

They are a great asset on very hot days, and not so hot days, keeping the air comfortable and breathable. They take away dust and pollen, and even have an auto-function, so you can sort of ‘set it and forget it’. It will optimize the fan speed to meet with the current room conditions. There is also a timer you can use for nighttime use when you don’t want to have to get up and readjust it or turn it off.

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