Everything You Need To Know About A Dual Zone Mini Split Air Conditioner

Before the advent of air conditioning systems, different means of cooling enclosed spaces off have been used throughout the years. For example, water ducts were installed in the walls by ancient Romans, in order to circulate cold air. Various methods of cooling spaces off were used in China throughout the long, hot months of summer. Luckily, the technology of today is much more efficient.

The first mechanical AC unit was extremely faulty and even posed a health hazard. Air conditioning was once believed to be a luxury. As time passed, however, ideas have changed and people have become much more dependent on various forms of technology.

This is especially true of devices that are constructed to make humid summer nights and long, hot days more comfortable. In years past, there were not many options in AC units available Hot/Cold Dialto consumers. Now, however, there are many different models and sizes. One such option is the dual zone mini split air conditioner.

AC installation that is split is partially inside and partially outside, where the stationary condenser is situated. This connects to the interior portion of the unit through refrigeration piping that is constructed to operate quietly while providing various functions. Specific maximums have been established according to the size of the area and the available products range from half-ton to 2-ton units.

Every manufacturer offers the specifications for each unit that it produces. One of the first features to check is the number of BTUs or British Thermal units that are used per hour as this determines the cooling capacity of the model.

Given that this is a highly competitive industry, some AC manufacturers are offering split room units with 9000 BTUs and a total coverage of 200 to 300 square feet. These models come with temperature controls that are adjustable and even have special settings for “sleep” that make it possible for consumers to relax without having to constantly reset their systems.

Given that people frequently complain about indoor air quality and airborne pollutants and allergens, most modern AC appliances have their own filtration systems. These often include lightweight filters that are removable and that can be either replaced or cleaned periodically with water in order to keep dust and debris from building up. You might be wondering where you will install a split air conditioning unit. This will have to be placed in a wall that has had a hole cut into it.

CAVEAT: Installing a split air conditioning system is not a practical do-it-yourself project. This means that you will need professional help in order to choose the best model for your needs and to explain the install prices, the connection parts and the related pricing.

While this will invariably make the cost of this project a bit higher, the cost of the actual unit will be quite nominal. Most of the top brands such as Amcor, Whirlpool, LG, Pioneer and Samsung among others are fairly reasonable. Take time to comparative shop in order to get competitive rates and an option that fits your needs. For example, large-sized homes will normally require Triple Zone or Dual Zone options.

One of our favorite dual zone mini splits is the Pioneer Ductless DUAL ZONE Multi Split INVERTER Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, 16 SEER, Cooling, Heating, Dehumidification, Ventilation. Including 2 Indoor units with 16 Foot Installation Kits. 208~230 VAC.. You can pick this up at a local home improvement store or online. It comes with excellent cooling for a reasonable price. And we know of many folks who have been able to install this unit in a weekend DIY job.

The top thing to remember when looking for this type of AC unit is that haste makes waste. Thus, stay patient until you find the right deal. You will wind up getting the best possible returns!

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