Everything You Need to Know about Natural Gas Air Conditioners

Natural Gas Air Conditioners
Natural gases are used for heating water, cooking food, heating buildings, fueling vehicles and running large commercial and industrial equipment. The gas is also used to cool buildings in hot weather; this type of air conditioning is cheaper to use than electricity.Natural Gas Air Conditioners

Natural gas air conditioners are not new to the market. This kind of fuel was widely used in the United States during the 1930s and 1940s. Electric air coolers were introduced during the 1960s, but gas cooling remained as popular as ever owing to low running costs, low capital costs and efficiency.

Demand for electric cooling equipment increased during the 1970s as the demand for gas cooling waned. By the early 1990s, just five percent of domestic air con units ran on gas. Since then, the majority of home and business owners have become increasingly energy aware.

Consumers are conscious of the money spent on heating and cooling and concerned about environmental issues. Gas ac is now more popular than electric air con.

You can find a number of gas air conditioners from manufacturers like Goodman. They have specialized in designing energy efficient central air conditioners, which rely on natural gas or easily convert to propane.

Modern gas ac technologies are highly advanced. The most up to date systems are energy efficient. Gas air conditioning systems are manufactured in a vast range of sizes. This kind of unit can be housed in domestic dwellings or industrial and commercial facilities.

Cooling using gas has numerous advantages. The CFC-free, environmentally friendly units operate at a far lower cost. This type of unit can be used where it is difficult to upgrade existing electrical systems or where electric cooling may not be financially viable.

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