Everything You Need To Know About The Best Rated Ductless Air Conditioning Unit

Have you been shopping around for the best rated ductless air conditioning?

Check out this article to get a few helpful tips. You can also see our review of the Pioneer ductless system – our favorite brand – on this post.

Ductless AC designs are perfect for homes where traditional ductwork is not a possible addition. There are a number of benefits in using a unit that does not require ducts and that has a high energy rating.

This is a relatively new technique that operates on the split unit concept. The condenser is situated outside of the home and the individual air units are on the property interior.

Our favorite ductless option is the Pioneer Split AC models. These units are top notch and they also have a reasonable price. They come with detailed installation instructions. More importantly, they are very efficient for cleaning the indoor air.

Bacteria, allergens and other harmful organisms often breed inside of HVAC ducts. AC systems create moisture and humidity. This is then trapped in the ductwork and fosters the accumulation of allergens and the development of mold.

These allergens and mold spores are then carried into the indoor air when cool air is released from the HVAC vents. With a unit that is ductless, however, you eliminate this problem by eliminating the ducts.

These units are low humidity and low pressure which means that they always produce clean air. Because of the lack of duct work you also have the ability to conserve more cool air which is often lost through cracks in the ducts when being moved from the outdoor unit to the unit inside.

Ease Of Installation

It is easy to install these units given that you do not have to put any ducts in place. Installation does not take long at all.

Units can be installed indoors on the walls or you can mount yours on the ceiling. It is hard to notice the thin refrigerant lines that are connected to the condenser outside and which run to the indoor unit and this equipment does not take up a lot of space overall.

System Repairs

With more dated units that had ducts, if something went wrong with one portion of the duct, you would have to pay a ton of money to get this problem fixed. You had to identify the issue, then have it resolved and if repairs were not possible, then you would have to have the whole system replaced.

For this reason, a system that lacks ducts is the ideal way to get a cleaner, healthier and less costly AC system.

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