Exploring Options for the Best Portable Air Conditioner Heat Pump

Best Portable Home Air Conditioners
Consumers looking for the best portable air conditioner heat pump should consider the AC-12000H Ultra Quiet model manufactured by NewAir.With 12,000 BTUs of power this portable unit can cool or heat rooms up to a maximum of 425 square feet.

It is among the quietest appliances of its kind producing 51 db of sound. This unit is perfect for dorm rooms, small apartments and home offices because no permanent installation is necessary.

Set up is quick and easy using the convenient exhaust hose and window kit included with purchase. This air conditioner saves space because it does the job of four appliances functioning as a heater, air cooler, dehumidifier and fan.

Auto-evaporative technology uses moisture in the air to keep the condenser coils cool. What this means to the user is an efficient cooling unit that requires minimal maintenance.

This energy efficient air conditioning unit packs a powerful punch in a compact package. Rated as a 12000 BTU air conditioner, it has enough cooling power to keep any room 425 sq ft or less at a consistently comfortable temperature. Homeowners can use this unit to control the temperature in a living room, den, bedroom, playroom or home office.

Homeowners can enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures year round with this versatile unit that functions as a heater or air conditioner. Anyone can set this unit up in a matter of minutes because it arrives fully assembled and ready to use.

The heater function is powerful enough to keep any room 425 square feet or less at the desired temperature. When compared to an ordinary electric space heater, this NewAir unit provides up to 50% more heating capacity without using more energy. This means it heats better and is less expensive to operate.

The unit removes moisture from the air to keep the compressor coils from overheating eliminating the need to worry about emptying the condenser tank. The control panel has a digital display and controls for a built-in ionizer, sleep mode and programmable timer. The window kit is adjustable and can accommodate any opening 40 inches or less.

The unit comes packaged with a 59-inch exhaust hose and remote control. Individuals interested in green technology will appreciate the fact that this unit’s R-401a refrigerant is environmentally friendly.

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