Exploring the Features of an Edgestar Portable Air Conditioner

The Edgestar portable air conditioner is a quality product that will create a pleasant living environment regardless of how hot it may be outdoors. Our extensive stock of portable air coolers will suit any consumer’s need for reliable performance throughout the hot summer months.

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A portable AC can be easily relocated because it has wheels attached to the bottom. The cooling power of the unit is expressed in BTUs. A unit that produces 7,000 BTUs will cool a room with approximately 300 square feet of space. For a room that measure 700 square feet, the unit should have an output of at least 14,000 BTUs.

An air conditioning unit has an exhaust hose that allows the system to transfer hot air out of the room. High-end units also do the opposite and are capable of heating a room during the winter months. This method of heat transfer is more efficient than using an electric heater. Individuals can purchase this type of system if they want to have control over the interior temperature year round. Paying a little more for a unit that heats and cools eliminates the need to purchase a separate heater.

The Edgestar Dual Hose portable unit is a 14,000 BTU system capable of heating and cooling a room. The system is adequate for controlling the temperature in any room 525 square feet or smaller. It comes in a fashionable silver metallic case that will match any interior décor. The system functions as a heater, a cooler and a dehumidifier and incorporates dual hose venting.

Most of the water collected from the air is eliminated by the self-evaporative design. This eliminates any frequent need to drain the overflow pan, which is necessary with less efficient models.

This model’s heater performs better than any ceramic heater. The compact size makes it ideal for homes with limited space and the large wheels offer a convenient way to wheel it to any location in a matter of minutes. Users can choose to operate the system with the remote control from any place in the room.

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