Facts About Fujitsu Air Conditioners Prices

fujitsu air conditioners prices
When it comes to residential inverter air conditioners, the highest possible quality must be your first priority. We believe the best inverter AC quality on the entire market is offered by only two brands: Fujitsu and Daikin. Both companies make top-notch inverter cooling units that are worthy to tie at first place in their common category of home appliances.

fujitsu air conditioners pricesYou’re probably curious about precisely how inverter air conditioners work. Inverter ACs are more energy efficient than other cooling systems due to unique mechanical functioning. Upon initially switching on such air cooling systems, power settings auto-adjust to full capacity. That feature cuts energy usage by up to 30 percent.

Our favorite Fujitsu split ac is the 18,000 Btu/h 19 Seer Fujitsu Single Zone Mini Split Air Conditioning System and you can find it for less than $2000.

Inverter air conditioning also provides other economies that amaze and delight happy owners who save huge sums in the long run. Before buying an inverter-style air cooler, you must first decide between Fujitsu models and Daikin air conditioning units, as both are industry-leading brands. For assistance with making the best selection, read on.

– Quality. Fujitsu and Daikin inverter ACs are both worthy investments that represent utmost quality among all air conditioner designs. Each manufacturer enjoys well-deserved claim to fame by building the best units that outlast competing models. Despite slight Daikin favoritism, the real distinction is quite miniscule.

– Initial cost. Fujitsu air conditioners prices are far lower than Daikin counterparts.

Indeed, that is precisely why so many buyers opt for Fujitsu, since identical quality can be had for $1,500 less.

– Customer service quality. With respect to customer care, Daikin is leagues beyond Fujitsu. The main complaint that seems to keep Fujitsu lagging far behind is slow response time for repairs and maintenance. While Daikin repair techs arrive at the owner’s site relatively fast, Fujitsu customers must wait several weeks for expert assistance when their inverter AC units break down.

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