Facts To Know About A Through The Wall Room Air Conditioner

A through the wall room air conditioner is installed and functions just like it sounds. It travels straight through the interior wall of your home.

It is a lot like a window air conditioner model but is often larger and rather than being installed in the window, it is encased in a wall that is facing outdoors.

Our favorite through the wall unit is the Friedrich. Read our review here.

These are a lot less popular for cooling at the moment, however, there are still many people who use them. A number of companies are reliant upon these in order to keep their headquarters comfortable and cool.

They are commonly chosen over other AC options because they require only a semi-permanent installation which means that you can move them to a new location if necessary.

Installing These Units

Installation can be a bit challenging given the fact that a hole will need to be made in the wall and it will also be necessary to install a casement as well. If you have experience, you may want to handle this installation on your own, however, this is a job that is best left to professionals if you have reservations.

Temporary structures rarely have sufficiently enforced window frames for holding the weight of window ACs. Units that travel through the wall are often larger as well and this means that they have higher BTU ratings and are better able to cool large spaces. These are perfect for work sites where the space is moderate like the size of a mid to large-sized mobile home.

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