FAQs About a Portable Air Conditioner Without Hose

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Some of the most common questions about AC units concern the use of a portable air conditioner without hose attachments.

1. Could I set up a portable AC unit in a room without a window?

Air conditioning units need an exterior space to release heat, and windows are usually the most convenient options for a unit to vent the hot air. Some other choices include attaching the exhaust tube to an air vent that leads directly to the outside of the building.

2. What’s the difference between air coolers and portable air conditioning units?

Air coolers work in much the same way as swamp coolers to cool off interior spaces. They’re less effective in regions with higher humidity levels, and they also have a smaller radius of cool air flow. Many air cooler models can also act as swamp coolers. A portable AC unit has a Freon cooling system that pushes more cooled air into a wider radius in a given interior space.

3. Can I use a portable air conditioning unit during the night?

Each model of portable AC unit collects water condensation as the unit runs, and modern units now have automatic shut-off modes if the water collection tray comes close to overflowing. This feature makes it fine to use overnight during the hottest summer nights.

Portable air conditioners with Freon systems have a similar shut-off safety mechanism. The only real hazard is the use of an over-dedicated wall socket that can cause a short. Using an AC unit with out a dedicated plug can also present a fire hazard. Aside from this factor, using an air conditioning unit overnight is just as safe as leaving on any other type of appliance.

4. Could I extend the length of the exhaust hose on a portable AC unit?

In many cases, this task can void the warranty on most portable air conditioners. It can also be unsafe if you don’t complete the hose extension properly. A safer bet is to simply move the air conditioning unit to another room location or to purchase a second AC unit.

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