Fiberglass Air Conditioner Filters: What You Need to Know

Air conditioner filters are grouped into different categories and are used to filter different particles in regard to the size and nature. There are those that work well at trapping dirt particles, while others are good for finer particles like smoke and airborne microorganisms.

The most common kind that we are all used to is the panel air AC filters or fiberglass air conditioner filters. These are comprised of woven fiberglass which helps in capturing the large particles that we can clearly see with our naked eyes.

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However, thick polystrand can also be used to design this kind of fiberglass filters. The polystrand is quite useful in boosting dust holding capacity as well. The panel filters are designed in such a way that they have support from metal grids on the oxygen exit and admittance sections.

The panel filters are quite affordable and that is why they are a favorite of many. Their disposable nature makes them a better option as one can quickly change them over. There is high possibility of these filters accommodating filtration paths as well.

Removing and changing them is recommended once a month so that the performance can be enhanced to maximum. These filters work well in less polluted locations because they do not have high performance as the other kinds of filters.

Pleated air conditioning filters are made up of pleated materials which are necessary for the provision of more surface filtration of the cooler system. This process is what results to removal of smaller particles trapped in the air so as to ensure high performance rate. Those of superior brands have MERV 8 rating because they are moisture resistant and perform exceedingly well. It is also possible to get pleated filters of MERV 11.

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Another kind is the electrostatic air filter which is most often used for bacteria and dust capturing. This one works by trapping any dust particles from the pet dander and related places. This type has a better performance level and can actually go longer. The material composition is electrically charged which results to it becoming a magnet during its operation.

The magnetic nature enables it to capture up to ninety percent of all the dirt that hovers around, thereby giving clean air as expected. This kind of filter is also different from others in that there is no possibility of microorganisms growing over it. This ensures that your airconditioner remains in proper working condition throughout the year.

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