Find Discount Air Conditioning Units

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Although there are a variety of different discount air conditioning units available, not all units are made to be the same. When you browse for new air conditioners you should think about the following:

. Where are you going to install the unit and how will it be used?
. How big of an area are you planning on cooling?
. What are the most beneficial air conditioning features to you?
. Will your air conditioner be installed by you or by you and a helper?

The Frigidaire 5,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner w/ Mechanical Controls, FFRA0511Q1 is the window ac unit at the steepest discount that we have seen. This is a terrific little unit that can keep you cool all summer long. It is designed for rather small rooms, however.

Window Units

The most popular models are a window air conditioner units. Models can be placed in single and double-hung windows. They usually have accordion panels that are the perfect fit. There are also models that can be put into sliding windows.

These units will need to be supported by a wooden plank or a shelf that is specially designed to be attached to the outside of your property for dedicated reinforcement.

Window installation is an easy DIY project. You should always measure your inside window dimensions before going to buy an AC.

Benefits and Disadvantages

. Simple Installation
. Simple to store and remove
. Inexpensive
. Cooling and heating units available
. Blocks out the window that it is installed in

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