Find Out How A Through The Wall Air Conditioner Works

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Through the wall air conditioning units are exactly what they sound like.  The are installed directly through the Through the Wall Air Conditioner How It Workswall.  They are much like window units but tend to be larger and instead of being placed in a window, these units are encased within the outer wall of the residence. If you would like to know more about a through the wall air conditioner how it works and how it is designed, continue reading.

These have become less popular for home cooling in recent year, but they are still used by quite a few people.  A lot of companies rely on these cooling units to keep their work spaces comfortable.  They are preferred over other designs given that they are semi-permanent and can therefore be taken from one location to the next, without an exorbitant amount of effort.

Cooling Temporary Structures

People commonly use these in temporary work structure such as on job sites.  Temporary buildings will often have a pre-made space for placing an AC unit.  The AC model can be slipped into this cutout with the rear portion of the unit hanging out of the building and the main portion on the inside.

Window frames in temporary buildings are rarely sufficiently reinforced for bearing the weight of a window AC.  This is also a good model because a through the wall option has a better BTU rating and can cool larger spaces more efficiently than a window air conditioner unit can.  This is perfect for job sites where the space is approximately the size of a small to large mobile home.

At Home

Some people prefer through the wall air conditioner in their homes for the very same reasons that these units are used at job sites.  They might not have windows that are sufficient for holding a unit that will effectively cool their spaces.  Some people have far more basic reasons such as not wanting to block their window views or compromise the natural lighting that the space receives.  Others like having the aesthetic benefits of owning a unit that is out of the way.

These options can cool down a single room or an entire building floor.

Installing Wall Units

Installation can be a challenge given that it will be necessary to cut a whole in the wall and install a casement.  If you happen to be handy you might try tackling this task on your own, otherwise, you should leave it in the hands of qualified professionals.

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