Find Out How To Clean A Window Air Conditioner

In order for AC units to function efficiently, it is vital to make sure that they are properly maintained.

By learning how to clean a window air conditioner properly, you will not only make it more efficient, but you can additionally extend the life of the unit and its various components.

You do not have to have any technical expertise for this type of maintenance as common sense alone will suffice.

You should always unplug the AC unit and make sure that you have on safety gloves and goggles before getting started. The condenser coil is the most important part of the air conditioning unit to treat with care.

In window-mounted equipment, the evaporator coil will be situated very near the condenser coil and this means that you have to be careful when cleaning it.

Given that the former is situated on the outside, it could be hard to clean because much of the debris will have built up here.

Thus, in order to effectively clean a window AC, the back and front panels will have to be removed and kept on a flat, dry surface.

It is easy to brush both of these coils with a soft, coil brush. If you prefer to use your vacuum cleaner, make sure to use a soft brush as these parts are quite delicate. Once you have removed all of the dirt, you can clean the coils with water using a hose or a spray bottle.

You should never wet any of the electric wires or the motor during this process. The water pressure should be very light so that the water does not bend or otherwise damage the fins.

Should these fins sustain any damages, you can use a fin comb to fix them or you can replace them. There are various coil cleaner solutions available that will allow you to clean these from the interior. These are typically offered by local AC dealers.

It should take about five to ten minutes for the coils to dry. They can then be rinsed off once more with a gentle flow of water. This will eliminate all of the remaining debris from the coils.

The next step is to apply a coil coating treatment that will prevent dirt and debris from collecting on the coils. You can then take a look at the filter. This can be cleaned with water, but you should take care to avoid wetting any electrical components.

The final step is to put the panel covers back on. These steps will allow you to clean your window air conditioning unit so that it is optimally efficient and functional for a very long time.

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