Find Split System Air Conditioners For Sale

split system air conditioners for sale
Split air conditioning systems are great alternatives to larger central AC systems and smaller air conditioners (like window air conditioner units or portable units). This is because split units give you the power to decide which room to cool, and they also do not require a room to have a window, unlike window units. In terms of efficiency, they are just as efficient as central air systems.

split system air conditioners for saleFinding split system air conditioners for sale is very easy nowadays because there are many manufacturers of these machines in the industry.

Our favorite split system air conditioner is the Pioneer Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, 12000 BTU (1 Ton), 13 SEER. This is a top-notch unit at a fair price. It also comes with handy instructions so that you can install it yourself as a weekend project.

While window units may also be very efficient in cooling a room, they require a window, a luxury that is not always available. If you need to cool rooms that are in the middle of the building, this unit may not be applicable since windows may not be available. With these window systems, you will be required to install a separate unit in each room that needs cooling.

Try to compare that to a split system AC that has one outdoor unit and several indoor units that are connected via rubber tubing. In addition to the light weight, this system does not require any window.

The efficiency of central air conditioning is reduced by the large ducts that carry cooled air to different parts of the building. These ducts can crack or separate causing leakage, and the overall result is inefficiency. These systems require extensive duct work, so installation is both difficult and costly.

Compared to split systems, the latter has several advantages since they do not require ducts; they only need metallic tubing to connect the indoor and outdoor units, and this is done by drilling a hole through the external wall of the building. This helps to minimize efficiency issues. The tubing is also much easier to install than the duct work for central AC’s.

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