Find the Best Portable Air Conditioner EER Ratings

The best portable air conditioner EER rating that we have discovered is from the Spt 12000 BTU Portable Ac system that is portable. It has an EER of 12.63.

While this unit has the highest EER rating of the portable ac units we looked at, its reviews are a bit all over the map. The two main complaints that people have about this unit are: it is too loud and it doesn’t cool as well as it claims.

For a look at the top portable ac units on the market today (along with EER ratings), check out this article.

This model is from Sunpentown and is model number WA-1220E. It uses 12,000 BTU and has versatile controls. Sunpentown has paid attention to the feedback of its customers and created some of the best air conditioning systems ever.

This portable ac unit has a self evaporating design that lessens the amount of time that you need to clean out the condensation bucket. 65 to 75 percent of the water that is condensed from the air is vented carefully through the exhaust hose. This unit has a great design with an integrated handle and large wheels. This unit is very simple to move from place to place.

The WA-1220E uses 12.63 EER. That is the the highest EER of all units in its class. This unit is simple to use thanks to its electronic controls and digital temperature display. The integrated timer allows the unit to be able to work as long as you want it to up to 12 hours. You can enjoy being able to adjust the temperature from right across the room.

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