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The interior of even a tiny machine shop can heat up at a fast rate when industrial tools are operating and friction is generated through the movement of metal. The correct cooling in a machine shop is important to the everyday operation of the business.

A building that is not ventilated properly can be dangerous to the workers as well as the tools and building itself. You want to find the best portable commercial air conditioners to make sure that a shop stays at the perfect temperature.

The right portable commercial air conditioner is a part of the solution when it comes to taking care of this type of industrial space. Sometimes it may take four or even more cooling units to make sure that the temperature stays right in a building. There are a few different shop elements that will contribute to the heat that must be controlled.

Our choices for the best portable air conditioners are those that are manufactured by a company called Tripp Lite. The Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K Portable Cooling / Air Conditioner is one of our top picks. This cooling machine can do a lot of work. The SRCOOL 12K unit has a high BTU rating, so it is perfect for an extended range of IT, commercial, and industrial applications that need a cooling solution that is portable.

Here are Some Other Ways that You Can Use Tripp Lite Models:

Big shops usually use dozens or several hundreds of machines that can raise the temperature. This is usually caused by a few different turning centers or tools that use powerful engines and hydraulics. If a lot of these engines are working together than hundreds or even thousands of gallons of oil will rise in temperature.

The heat in the air can start to cause problems with the machinery’s performance. Shops that cannot keep the temperatures around their machinery cooled off can end up having work loss because of overheating. Tools can be locked until everything cools off. Portable air conditioning units can be used as a great cooling situation in specific areas that could contain a large number of machines that can be extremely hot while they are being used.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC tools are available in numerous designs. Some water-based coolants will assist in cooling off cutting heads and similar components. Hot components can end up turning coolant water into steam.

After that, steam can be released in the air and end up making the temperature rise in a shop even more. There are a few different systems that can help with the release of steam. Portable AC units can be a great temporary or permanent solution to this problem. They can cool areas and help with the reduction of humidity.

Insulation is required in just about all machine shops to help keep the space at a comfortable temperature year round. If a building does not have insulation installed properly, it can seem like an oven in the summer months of the year when the exterior walls are hit with sunshine.

Portable ACs can help to stop increases in temperature from occurring. They will make sure that a shop stays at a comfortable temperature level so that equipment and employees are able to operate efficiently.

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