Finding a Quality Portable Air Conditioner Car Unit

For a portable air conditioner car owners can drive away with easily, the GoCool 12V Portable Semi Truck Cab Air Conditioner For Camping Tent & RV Camper is the ideal choice with its ability to cool any small area. The exhaust hose conveniently disposes of water extracted from the air so there is no reservoir to empty.

The cooler is simple to relocate and easy to install with a venting kit included with purchase. We are sure that everyone will approve of this unit’s compact size and attractive design. The GoCool air conditioning unit has enough power to cool the air in any room with a maximum of 250 square feet of space.

The  GoCool portable air cooler is the ideal product or anyone who:

Lives in a room or small apartment and has a need to cool an area of 250 square feet or less. Consumers should note that room size is calculated based on an 8-foot ceiling. Machinery, number of windows and number of occupants are additional factors that can affect cooling capacity.

Needs to address hot spots in rooms where a central air conditioner is failing to provide even cooling

Desires quiet operation for use in an office or bedroom

Wants to have the flexibility to move the unit to different locations

Prefers not to damage the window sills and molding by installing a window air conditioner, which requires screws and nails

Wants to eliminate the hassle of removing and storing an air cooler during the winter.

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