Finding a Through the Wall Air Conditioner Quiet Enough for a Bedroom

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The General Electric AJCQ12ACF is a quality through the wall air conditioner quiet enough for a home office or bedroom. This product offers a variety of desirable features and provides effective cooling for any warm environment in an energy efficient package.

When you purchase the AJCQ12ACF, you enjoy precise temperature control with a multi-speed fan, a fan only mode and 12,000 BTUs of cooling power. You can direct airflow to any area in the room by setting the four-way vents while saving energy on cooling areas that do not need it.

The power cord is 75 inches long giving you flexibility in placement regardless of where your outlets are located.

The unit includes smart fan control and with the 24-hour programmable timer, you can program this AC to begin and cease operation at specified times of the day. This saves on energy costs because you can have the unit shut off during the day when the room is empty and turn on shortly before you return so the room will already be cool for you.

Energy saver technology reduces power usage while the AC is running. The combination of energy saving features contributed to this product’s Energy Star rating.

You can adjust the temperature from anywhere in the room with the convenient remote and a reminder light ensures you clean the filter at the proper time. This saves you from having to remember when the task was last completed. The washable filter eliminates any need to purchase replacements. With its ADA compliance rating, this product is simple to maintain.

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