Finding the Best and Quietest Portable Air Conditioner

wall mounted air conditioner units
We searched for the best and quietest portable air conditioner available and prepared this report to help consumers make an informed decision.

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Air Conditioners for Horse TrailersAfter our research, we gave first place to the MSZ-GE25VA by Mitsubishi. The system puts out just 19 dB. This means it is barely audible to humans. This unit is suitable for use in a bedroom without disturbing sleep.

This system has a wide range of functions that also put it at the top of list. The body collapses making it simple to relocate the unit or store it. This unit can also heat a room during the winter. The air filter is good for approximately nine years before replacement is necessary.

The second air conditioner on our list is the MSZ-FD25VABH, another system manufactured by Mitsubishi. This cooler has a mechanism than purifies the air and is capable of heating a room when outside temperatures dip to as low as 25 degrees below zero. Energy-saving features can help consumers reduce their energy consumption by as much as 30 percent.

The third air conditioning system we chose is the FTXS25D from Daikin. This air conditioning unit has won multiple awards for its attractive design but it also offers quiet operation, energy saving sensors and a filter that deodorizes the room. These features put this unit above its direct competitors in the marketplace.

The final system on our list is the CS-XE9JKDW from Panasonic. This air cooling system is quiet and features multiple functions. The triple filter clears the interior air of allergens and microorganisms that can have a negative effect on health. Users can quickly alter airflow in all four directions to deliver cool air where it is needed most.

We consider these air conditioners to be the best in this category but consumers have other options. It is important for buyers to purchase the product that best suits their individual needs.

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