Finding The Best Portable Air Conditioner For Hot, Humid Climates

Do you happen to live in a part of the country that is very humid? If you do, then you probably want to find the best portable air conditioner humid climate models.

Throughout many parts of the country, summertime is without a doubt, hot and humid and this tends to make life unpleasant. Buying a portable air conditioner is a great strategy for beating the humidity and heat while saving energy. People love being in rooms with comfortable temperatures and they are definitely happy about being able to save money as well.

The best portable air conditioner for humid climate that we have tested is the Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S).

One of the major benefits of a using a portable model is the fact that these designs often have functions for reducing air humidity. For humid regions, this can be important in the home and at the office. Humidity makes high temperatures seem far more uncomfortable and it also contributes to dehydration and other issues.

By reducing humidity in the air, these portable units can have a beneficial impact on occupant health. There are some portable air conditioning units that collect water in a pan or bucket that will need to be emptied on a periodic basis, while others do not require this type of maintenance. You can look for a design that works best for you.

Consumers love saving money and this is another benefit of opting to use portable AC unit. By cooling just the room that you are occupying rather than many different rooms or the entire house, you are only using the energy that is required for keeping the occupied room cool.

There are a number of portable models that are designed to save energy and these do not require a tremendous amount of power in order to remain functional. You will see these savings on your monthly energy bill.

Portable units can also be moved about which is very advantageous as well. If you work in one room of your home, such as in your home-based office throughout the morning, but head to the kitchen in the evening in order to prepare dinner and like watching television in the family room throughout the night before heading to the bedroom to sleep, you can simply take your unit with you.

These systems are very easy to move around given that they have casters at their base that allow you to roll them around. You simply have to unplug your unit and roll into another room. If you spend specific amounts of time in certain areas of your abode, you can still stay cool all day long.

Portable AC models can additionally have variable temperature settings that allow you to set the temperature at a desired level. If you have seniors living in the home, this allows these individuals to set the temperature according to their own preferences and you can also do this when you are using the unit. Keeping your loved ones comfortable and cool during severe weather has never been so easy.

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