Finding the Best Portable Air Conditioner Quiet Models

Best Portable Air Conditioner Quiet
Everstar is an air conditioner brand known for being quiet as well as portable. Here are the reasons why.

The noise from any air conditioning unit can be very disruptive to the simplest of activities in the home–e.g talking or watching television. The Everstar models are very quiet and blend in with the atmosphere in the home–no noisy compressor or fan noise.

Best Portable Air Conditioner QuietAlso, the Everstar is portable, attractively designed and available in several different colors. The compact size of the unit goes well with any room.

In addition, Everstar A/C is bucket-less. This gets rid of that inconvenient manual emptying of condensate. These units are also equipped with a temperature sensor and a convenient remote control. They keep the atmosphere healthy with a built-in ionizer which removes dust, pollen and odors from the air. The Bio Filter system helps clean the air, removing fungi, bacteria and dust.

Mechanically, these units oscillate, and they have 3 fan speed settings. Another helpful feature is the automatic restart which turns the unit on again after a power outage. When the unit is fully powered up, it goes back to its last set temperature. There is no need for the user to stop what he’s doing to adjust the A/C.

So is the best portable air conditioner quiet? It is if it has Everstar as its brand name. All models test out well and provide the best in convenience, aesthetic design and healthy, cooled air.

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