Finding the Best Price on Window Air Conditioners

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When summer rolls around and the outside temperature soars, most people rely on an indoor air conditioner to stay comfortable. A window air conditioner unit is among the most popular with consumers. This article discusses how to find the best price on window air conditioners.

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A window unit offers an affordable way to cool a small space. Units are available in a wide variety of sizes, prices and cooling capacities. Many commercial properties have systems that use a condenser installed on the roof.

Most people take their air cooling system for granted. These units are basically refrigerators mounted in an insulated box. Evaporation of Freon or some other refrigerant provides the cooling power.

A air conditioning system can remove moisture and heat from the air. A unit that is too large is able to cool a room but it will not remove all of the moisture. This means the room will feel damp and clammy. A unit that is the proper size will control humidity as well as keeping the temperature cool.

All conditioners have an EER, or energy efficiency rating, which is a figure devised by dividing the cooling output by the unit’s power consumption. A unit with a higher EER is more energy efficient.

Window units are more effective than portable air coolers. Consumers who purchase an oversized unit will not experience better cooling and in fact, will end up spending more energy on operation because it is less efficient.

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