Finding the Right Caravan Air Conditioners

Best Portable Air Conditioner For Caravan
Consumers have many options when it comes to purchasing a ductless air conditioner for a home, office or recreational vehicle. A unit that provides 2,000 BTUs of cooling power is adequate for the majority of homes or will also work for caravan air conditioners. Some people who buy ductless units use them for caravan air conditioners. Special vent kits are available for individuals who buy a ductless air cooler for this application.

Caravan Air ConditionersSome units attach directly to a wall similar to a modern flat screen TV. These coolers feature a vent in the wall to distribute hot air outside. Many hotels have freestanding coolers. These appliances do not require venting at all. This provides more security for the room’s occupants because the unit is not installed in a window.

Cooling air with a ductless model is based on the oasis theory. This type of unit only has to keep up with cooling a single room instead of the whole house all at once.

Offices, retail outlets, warehouses and restaurant kitchens require large units. Ductless air coolers are more affordable to operate than central air cooling systems.

Many companies use these types of units to keep the rooms where they store their computer servers cool. Most people hate the inconvenience they must endure when an Internet service provider fails to deliver the performance it promises. Keeping the server room cool ensures that the equipment does not overheat and performs at its full capacity. These systems require a large diameter exhaust hose to expel hot air through a window or ceiling panel as well as a dedicated electrical outlet to function properly.

A ductless air cooling system is ideal for any recreational vehicle because it can cool the interior temperature by as much as 12 degrees without draining the battery. These units are also suitable for mobile homes towed by cars or trucks.

Individuals who own a vacation home can install this type of system to keep the interior cool during the time they spend there. Some sophisticated models can control humidity, produce ionic air or even provide heat during the winter. This allows the user to control the temperature inside the building year round. If you are someone who enjoys camping, you can consider purchasing one of these units for your tent as long as you have access to a nearby power source.

If you are thinking about remodeling your home, installing a ductless air conditioning unit may be the ideal solution for you to save money on your renovation. You do not need a heat pump and do not have to worry about installing any type of ducting. Many consumers find that it is more convenient and affordable to purchase and install a ductless air conditioner than any other type of cooling system currently available.

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