Free Standing Air Conditioner Rental Guide

A free standing air conditioner is one that can be transported from place to place. Even if they are the size of window units, they can be moved using their casters. No wonder then that these portable air conditioning units are often found in warehouses, industrial buildings, and pop-up businesses, among others.

Did you know that some industrial buildings are just so huge that a central air conditioning system just isn’t enough? In fact, this is why many of these buildings rent portable air conditioners to spot cool certain areas. One of the most popular heavy-duty portable air conditioners is the MovinCool Classic Plus 26 24,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner With Dual Fan Speeds. This baby packs a punch. It brings some serious cooling (24000 BTUs) to you warehouse, tent party, or factory floor.

When the machines and the people operating them have to transfer to another part of the building, they can transfer with them. Believe it or not, there are machine that need to be spot cooled so they don’t overheat. This is also true of computers.

A freestanding A/C is made for constant use, so they have a higher capacity than normal. Did you know that you can rent a portable A/C with a cooling capacity of 3.5 – 60 tons? Even better, they come with technologies like evaporation and Freon. When comparing the two, you should know that evaporation air conditioners are more pricey than Freon air conditioners.

Apart from industrial buildings, event organizers also rent portable cooling units for live events such as weddings, football games, and outdoor players, among others. These positioned strategically so the conditioned air is spread properly around the place. And when the event is over, they simply wheel out the air conditioner to the next event.

Some vehicles also require portable ac units especially if it has perishable food on board. This is true for ships and boats that transport food across long distances.

A free standing air conditioner rental may be on a short-term and long-term basis. Factories and warehouses are the ones renting out units for months or years. Event organizers, on the other hand, normally lease them for 24 hours or a couple of days. At the end of the day, the rental fee boils down to the air conditioner type and the lease period. This can go anywhere from a couple hundred to more than a thousand dollars.

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