Free Standing Air Conditioning Units UK

The installation of air conditioning in homes and offices in the UK have been significantly impacted by the British weather, known to be extremely temperamental, when compared to other countries. Since the cost of air conditioning systems can be quite high, it may be asked why we would want to install a unit that would not be used on a consistent basis.

The availability of portable ac units today, allows us to save on initial large financial outlays and inevitably reduce costs, by investing in a unit. The portable feature of these units contributes both to their efficiency and effectiveness.

Our favorite free standing unit available in the UK is the Jun12 Portable Air Conditioning Unit 9000 Btu. This is an excellent unit that will keep you cool during the worst heat waves you might encounter during the summer. It is also small enough to tuck into a closet or garage for the months that you do not need it.

The latest development in portable air conditioning is the feature referred to as “Self Evaporative Water Recycling” and the Jun12 unit above comes with this feature. This feature actually allows the system to re-use a huge portion, of the water created by it during operation. This contributes to increased convenience to the user, as well as an environment that is safer for us all.

Free standing air conditioner units can be moved to any venue, to provide cooling in any room, or to support a central air conditioning system, thereby underlining its versatility. They also give more direct cooling to fragile equipment, such as those used in the IT industry.

These units can be utilized extensively, including in caravans on warm summers, holiday homes, log cabins, houseboats or any area that requires cooling. The fact that these units can be moved from place to place, is indeed an added benefit, and important feature.

With our summers predicted to become increasingly hotter, British residents are seeing these units as the answer to the problem of unbearable heat. The cost effectiveness of the unit, makes it the perfect solution to the temperamental British weather.

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