Frigidaire Split Air Conditioner Review

ventless windowless air conditioner
When the temperatures start to rise in the summer heat, it is time to look around for a new air conditioning unit.

You will notice a number of advertisements for cooling units as summer nears and you know that now is the best time to buy.

Central air conditioning is very popular in many locations, but the drawback with these units is that they use a lot of energy and can also increase the bottom line on your utility bill.

Portable ac units come in the form of a window air conditioner or a wall unit. They can be set up where you want them to cool.

Your final option is to go with a split ac unit. Frigidaire has recently entered the market for spit air conditioners with its Split Air Conditioner.

Here is our Frigidaire split air conditioner review:

Frigidaire split ac units are energy efficient and come with Energy Star ratings. They have multi-speed fans and programmable timers so that you can set the unit to start as you drive home from work.

These Frigidaire units also come with excellent anti-bacterial filters, which purify the air and remove dander and bacteria.

These units run on a standard 115 volt and they come with an easy-to-use remote.

If you go with a Frigidaire split ac, bear in mind that the indoor and outdoor units are sold separately. You will also probably need to hire a HVAC specialist to install the unit.

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