Frigidaire Through the Wall Air Conditioner Heater Review

frigidaire through the wall air conditioner heater
The Frigidaire FRA08EHT1 8,000 BTU Through-the-Wall Room Air Conditioner with 4,200 BTU Supplemental Heat (115 volts) with three fan speeds is a very versatile product built to keep the temperature of small to medium size rooms comfortable the year round no matter the outside temperature.

frigidaire through the wall air conditioner heaterA through the wall air conditioner and heater is designed to be installed into the wall of the home, generally below the window sill although it can be placed in any convenient low spot and operate. It is not designed to be window-mounted.

Frigidaire has built its reputation over the years by creating solid, high quality products that are more than reasonably priced. This air conditioner/heater unit certainly has the same fine reputation as the company that manufactured it and for those looking at a combination air conditioner and heater, this is certainly one to consider.

This particular unit offers a number of benefits for those who have small to medium size rooms in their residence. Being a through-the-wall unit, professional installation is recommended to place the hole in the wall necessary to mount the air conditioner/heater. However, if the hole already exists, then this unit can be placed with minimal difficulty.

Versatility: For rooms of up to 350 square feet in diameter, this unit can effectively heat and cool the inside temperature 24/7. This means that you don’t have to switch back and forth between different units in order to heat or cool a room. While the heating element is smaller and is more designed to augment the existing heat source that is present, it is still more than enough to provide warmth during chilly days.

Remote Control: No longer will you have to walk across the room to operate the air conditioner/heater as you can sit in your chair to change the temperature. The controls themselves are easy to use and intuitive while the main panel on the unit is easy to read and operate. This feature saves you time and energy when trying to adjust the temperature in your room.

Quiet Running: The fan and compressor on this Frigidaire unit runs quietly so you don’t have to turn up the volume on your TV or music source while it is in operation, unless you are sitting right next to the fan of course. This means that this air conditioner/heater fits perfectly into your home and will almost go unnoticed as it heats or cools the room.

Overall, the Frigidaire FRA08EHT1 Air Conditioner/Heater Unit is a robust, versatile and very impressive product that does its job quite well in heating or cooling the temperature of a small to medium size room. For those who are replacing an existing unit, this is certainly one to consider as it has a number of great features as well as being highly durable.

This is certainly one of the best air conditioner/heater units that we have run across in a long time.

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