Frigidaire Window Air Conditioner Review

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If you want an air conditioner that will cool almost any size room, you should take a look at the Frigidaire window air conditioner.

The Frigidaire FRA086AT7 8,000 BTU Window-Mounted Compact Air Conditioner comes in a variety of BTUs, are equipped with all the features that you could possible need, and are reasonably priced.

Not only do these units do a great job cooling your room, but they also come equipped with excellent filters, which can reduce pollutants and odors. This is a particularly handy feature if you or a family member suffers from allergies or asthma.

Another reason why you should consider a Frigidaire window ac is that these units are pretty energy efficient and fairly quiet.

Qualities and Specifications

The Pros and Cons: Though these Frigidaire units generally come highly rated, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

First, some consumers complain of the unit’s noise. It is hard to ascertain, however, if that is a problem with the unit or if it is actually an issue with the way that the owner installed the unit in the window.

A benefit of the Frigidaire units is that they are fairly easy to install. In fact, they come standard with an easy-to-use installation kit and most reviewers said that you can get the units installed in less than an hour.

The other benefit of purchasing a Frigidaire unit is that the come in a wide range of cooling capacities. That means that you can probably find one that will work in a tiny bedroom as well as one that will work in a gigantic living room.

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