How to Install a Frost King Small Air Conditioner Support Bracket

The Frost King window air conditioner, available through Walmart, is easy to install with the purchase of the Frost King small air conditioner support bracket. Available as a 2 bracket set, the supports install fast and have many excellent features.

These brackets are secure, durable and add a great measure of safety to the installation. They are put in entirely from the inside and can hold up to 80 pounds. The sturdy construction works well in all weather conditions, and the brackets come with a bubble level which assures that the window air conditioner will hang straight and plumb. These brackets are for units which put out 5,000 to 10,000 BTUs.

This is how an installation should go. First, push the window open all the way, and place and center the unit in the opening. While keeping the unit balanced, put the flange up against the outside edge of the wall on the bottom portion of the casement. Close the window; it should set on on the A/C itself, right up against that top flange.

It’s important to assure the unit stays balanced and, obviously, does not fall out the window. The best way to secure it is to keep the window sash in place on top of the unit. Insert 2 screws through the flange on the unit into the sash.

Be sure to drill pilot holes so as not to split the sash, using a drill bit that is a size smaller than the diameter of the screw. To achieve the correct drilling depth for the bit, use a piece of painter’s or masking tape to mark the correct depth on the bit itself.

Next, put on the L-shaped clips which join the bottom sash to the top sash frame. Or use 2 x 2 wood stock to make spacers to stick in between the window frame and bottom sash.

The unit comes equipped with side curtains which keep bugs, humidity and warm temperatures from entering the indoor living space. Read the owner’s manual to affix the curtains properly. While side curtains are a big help, insulation is important,too. Place some of the white kind around the window opening, or purchase the folding, accordion type of insulation. Cut to size.

Take time to make this installation as secure and weather tight as possible to add years of dependable service to window air unit.

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