Get Year-Round Comfort With A Through The Wall Air Conditioner And Heat

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Throughout my childhood there were very few families that had central AC or even a through the wall air conditioner and heat. Some families had window units and others would simply install their window units right through their walls. Until very recently, this is what I would refer to as a through the wall air conditioner.

Through The Wall Air Conditioner And HeatOur favorite through the wall air conditioner and heat unit is the Frigidaire FRA08EHT1 8,000 BTU Through-the-Wall Room Air Conditioner with 4,200 BTU Supplemental Heat (115 volts).

There is currently a much more innovative heating and cooling system that provides a more sensible solution to uncomfortable indoor temperatures. First, however, why would people install window units through the walls of their homes?

No Ductwork Needed With These New Systems

  • They often did this because it was a lot less costly than getting central AC.
  • They might do this because they lacked the necessary ductwork for getting a central system.
  • This innovative system for cooling and heating the home solves all of these problems and is far more tasteful.

Lower Costs And Fuel Efficiency

  • This modern wall AC combines a window in the wall option with an outdoor central unit. This way, people get all of the former benefits and a few more.
  • One major advantage that these solutions provide is that they operate very quietly. More importantly, they are much easier to install than placing a window unit in your wall.

Ease Of Installation

  • Rather than having to cut a large hole in your wall, you can usually make do by simply cutting a 3 inch hole or one that is smaller.
  • More importantly, these units are easy to install and it is possible to cool specific zones of the home.
  • The heating and AC system is commonly referred to as a mini split unit or a mini ductless AC and it is very affordable and energy efficient.
  • You only cool or heat the areas of the homes that you want and this means that you are going to be spending far less on your energy bills. Additionally, these designs come with a heat pump.
  • A heat pump can extract warm air from outside of the home and bring it inside to provide heat.
  • You can use this mini ductless model to both cool and heat the home which means that installing once system will solve two problems!

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