Getting Freon for your Air Conditioner

Home air conditioning can keep your rooms comfortable all year long, but a freon leakage can create a big problem. “Where can I get freon for my air conditioner” may become the number one question if you end up with a leak, but there may be an easy, do-it-yourself solution to this dilemma.

Small leaks can lead to significant loss of refrigerant, and they can be harder to locate than larger breaks in ac systems. Oil stains, holes, or coil cracks may indicate major leaks, and hissing sounds may be signal a freon leak.

The good news is that investing in a leak repair kit like the Cliplight Super Seal Advanced 944KIT may be just what you need to repair the damage and get your ac running smoothly again. We’ve had good luck with this kit, and the manufacturer provides a video online that explains exactly how to use it.

Your neighborhood HVAC shop can assist with additional freon, repair supplies, and repair services.

A large leak should be assessed and handled by a reputable ac service technician. Holes or cracks in lines may require careful and professional soldering, and things like condenser coils and evaporators may need to be inspected and replaced as well.

Your system may need a complete vacuum pump if the leak is large, and this would involve removing all trapped moisture and contaminants before correcting the problem. Adding new freon may not solve major or minor leaks if other issues are present, and you may end up repeatedly paying for service that fails to address the real issues.

Your air conditioner needs to be free of contaminants, excess moisture, and breaks in order to work properly. It is at this point that adding freon and recharging the system will lead to smooth functioning and appreciable energy cost savings.

A small freon leak can be fixed with a repair kit that includes the hose, sealant, and valve needed to complete the job properly. Many small leaks can be repaired without professional intervention, and the repairs may take just a few minutes to complete.

Most freon repair kits are designed to fix residential or commercial air conditioning units that have leaks due to a loss of charge over the course of one year or more. A basic repair usually involves clipping the hose, clipping the access fitting, and adjusting these components onto the ac line.

Following the repair kit instructions can keep the job safe for you and your ac system, and an effective sealant application and freon addition can result in smooth and efficient air conditioner operation once again.

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