Go Cool Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

GoCool 12V Portable Semi Truck Cab Air Conditioner
The GoCool 12V Portable Semi Truck Cab Air Conditioner For Camping Tent & RV Camper seems like the perfect device to take on a camping trip, having it in your RV or for truck drivers who want to enjoy that extra bit of cool as they rest during the drive.

However, this portable air conditioner can be used in many different places and can even act as an emergency unit in case the main air conditioner breaks down in your home GoCool 12V Portable Semi Truck Cab Air Conditioneron a hot, summer day. No, it won’t cool your home, but it will cool a large enough space so that you and your family are comfortable until the main air conditioner is fixed.

The principle behind this portable air conditioner is a simple one, instead of using Freon, compressor and pipes like traditional air conditioner units. it instead uses simple ice and water to get the job done. This means that there are no moving parts other than the fan and all you need to do is replace the ice after it melts. This simple concept translates into have a cool room with this unit.

Having a portable air conditioner, especially one that is lightweight has several advantages that can be used around the home, in the tent or any small enclosure that needs a bit of cool air for relief from the hot temperatures.

12 Volt: Because this is a 12 volt device, you can plug into your wall socket. Plus, it has a DC cord as well so you can plug it into your car or truck outlet. This means that wherever you need cool air, this device will work for you.

No Freon: Freon and the subsequent chemicals associated with traditional air conditioners can be an environmental hazard when not properly maintained. In addition, bacteria and germs can build up in the moist setting of a traditional air conditioner. With this unit, it operates only on water and ice which means no harmful chemicals and no build up of contaminants if you lightly maintain the unit between uses.

Simple System: All you need to do is have a couple of bottles of froze water, perhaps frozen gel packs or you can even dump the ice in the container itself and then turn it on. The result is having an air conditioner that works when you want to cool the space that you need anytime of the day or night.

This is a simple, straightforward air conditioner that really works to cool a small room and operates for up to 8 hours at a time. Replacing the ice or gel packs is a breeze if you have a freezer. That means you can simply lift the lid, remove the melted gel pack and replace it with a frozen one in seconds.

It’s actually quite remarkable that few of these types of products exist on the market today. But the GoCool 12V Portable Semi-Truck Cab Air Conditioner for Camping and RV Camper is quite remarkable for its simple design and straightforward application. At the very least, it makes the perfect small air conditioning unit when you need cool air in a hurry.

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