Godrej Window AC Units are the Best and Cheapest Air Conditioners in India

An air conditioner is a device that helps to keep the indoor air cool in the scorching summer heat. An air conditioning unit has a compressor and the cooling system is capable of keeping rooms cool.

If you have been trying to source one of the best and cheap air conditioner in India, you should look at the Godrej window air conditioner. Many Indian citizens find the Godrej coolers invaluable, as the affordable ac units are highly efficient.

The Godrej Window AC system is available in a range of sizes including, one ton, one and a half ton and two ton. The window air conditioner has numerous features that make it the ideal summer air cooler.

Godrej window A/C units are fitted with L-Shaped copper coils, which are far more effective than traditional straight coils. The L-Shaped coil offers extra length to the AC cooling system, this results in efficient and fast cooling.

Godrej Window AC units are fitted with green filters, some use an eco-filter and others use the biological enzyme filter. These filters are highly effective and no dust particles escape via the eco filter. This filter neutralizes bacteria, fungi and microbes to reduce the amount of air pollution.

The Godrej window AC system has a blow function that prevents mold and fungi from forming on the evaporator. The AC is switched on and off using a remote control, but an inbuilt fan keeps running for a further couple of minutes to dry residual water sitting on the evaporator.

The latest window air cooling unit from Godrej is fitted with a Nano Meter Catalyst (Tio2). The innovative filter soaks-up and deactivates formaldehyde, chemical vapors, virus and unpleasant odors. Godreg coolers use Blue Fin technology to prevent the fins from corroding, hence these durable air conditioners are energy saving and highly efficient.

These ACs are popular because they are fitted with an active carbon deodorizer eliminates harmful gases and ammonia. The Godrej portable air conditioners have a durable and efficient Japanese compressor that copes well in hot, humid weather.

The ac has a sleep mode. Activate this mode and the temperature automatically rises by one degree an hour for the following two hours, hence the room will never become too cold. This unique feature reduces energy consumption and lowers power bills.

If you are considering investing in a Godreg AC you should conduct an online search. There are plenty of deals on Godrej window units.

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