Guide to Buying an Airconditioner


If you are thinking about buying an airconditioner, now is the time to start looking. No one wants to go out airconditioner shopping in the middle of a blistering heat wave!

If you are in the market for an airconditioner, there are four different types from which to choose. Here is an overview of the most common types of airconditioner available. This will help you determine the best airconditioner for your needs.

1) Central Airconditioner

Central air conditioning allows for cooling a large building or house. Basically, the airconditioner works by cooling the air before it enters the building. It is often installed along with a heating system to provide heat during the winter months.

This is the most expensive type of airconditioner. Not only does it require you to buy the equipment, but you must also shell out big bucks for a professional team of installers. This installation is far too complicated for a DIY job.  A central airconditioner is most common in excessively hot environments.

There are two different types of central airconditioner: split AC and packaged air conditioners.

A split AC is the most common type of central airconditioner system. It has a condenser unit located in a unit outside the house with evaporators located in different rooms inside the house. The best part about a split AC is that keeps the noisiest unit outside of your home. To install a split airconditioner, technicians can connect it through the existing ductwork.

The other type of central airconditioner is the packaged airconditioner. The package AC combines the two units – condenser and evaporator – into one unit, which is then mounted on the roof of your home. A packaged airconditioner is easy to spot. If you see an ac unit on top of a house, it means that they have a packaged unit.

2) Window Airconditioner


SPT 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner Energy Star WA-1211S

Window AC units are the most common type of airconditioner in small houses or apartments. This type of unit is called a window airconditioner because it looks like a box and is generally needs to be vented through a window. It has a cold side, which expels cool air and a drain bucket that collects the humidity. On some units, you will have to drain the bucket regularly. Other units, on the other hand, use a special evaporative technology to dissipate the water.

A window airconditioner is best for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on an air conditioner. The drawbacks, however, are that these units are often quite noisy and can only cool relatively small spaces.

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3) Ductless Airconditioner

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A ductless airconditioner is really like a combination of a split AC and a portable airconditioner. They rely on an outdoor unit, which is connected to small indoor units in different rooms. Instead of connecting the units with ducts, however, they are linked through small conduits.

As a result, a ductless airconditioner is far more cost effective than a central airconditioner because they don’t require you to install new ductwork.

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4)   Evaporation Cooler

A final type of airconditioner is called an evaporation cooler or a “swamp cooler.” These units are very common in parts of the country that routinely have hot, dry heat.

An evaporation cooler works by sucking in the hot air through the evaporation cooler mechanism. Once inside, the hot air is cooled in damp pads and then re-circulated through the house.

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