Home Depot Portable Air Conditioner Reviews: Make Sure You Buy a Dual Hose Model

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Have you been reading Home Depot portable air conditioner reviews and still can’t seem to make a decision?

Home Depot Portable Air Conditioner ReviewsThroughout this short article we will share a surprising fact that could help you to save hundreds by avoiding the portable AC units that are sold at Best Buy, Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Portable AC units have become quite popular given the fact that they are fairly easy to install, do not require homeowners to build ducts as with ducted AC systems, there is not need to drill wall holes as with wall-mounted ACs and the do not take up a lot of window space like window air conditioner options do.

The surprising fact is that there are some portable air conditioning units that have just one hose. For our best portable ac reviews, check out this article.

You should know that there is going to be a hose that runs from the unit to the window in order to exhaust the warm air that comes out of these designs. The surprising fact is that some of the companies that manufacture portable designs boldly assert that having one hose is not sufficient. You need to have both the exhaust hose and the air intake hose extending towards the window and circulating air. Why is this the case?

Why is having only one hose insufficient?

Imagine having just one hose blasting warm air out of the window. You will certainly get some small amount of cooling on the other end of the unit. But understand this, given that you are not actively moving air out of the room, where does the air that is replacing the hot air out of the window have to come from?

There is a very simple answer and this is that it comes from outside of your home. Whether it is coming from the cracks in doors or windows or through air ducts, it is coming from outside. And, because you are trying to cool the space down, this incoming air is going to be warm. This means that with a single hose design, the unit is merely cooling the new hot air that has been drawn in from outside. This is not efficient at all. Lets compare this with a machine that has a dual hose design.

Why dual hose portables work the best

With portable air conditioners that have dual hose designs, the air that is brought in from outside goes full circle. It begins as fairly hot outside air and goes through the intake hose for the unit, takes on a bit of heat and is ultimately exhausted through the second hose back outside.

This is far different from systems with single hose designs. The air in the interior of the space remains virtually the same given that it was not drawn in from outdoors. Thus, by closing the circuit of outdoor air through the use of a dual hose model, it becomes possible to cool down the indoor air more efficiently.

This means that the space can be cooled down rapidly and to a much lower temperature than if it were necessary to constantly cool down new incoming air.

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