How Does a Heat Pump Work

As the cost of heating rises, so does the popularity of heat pumps. This is a great heat source and some people use them as their main source of heat.

Many people do not know exactly how these heat pumps work, but learning about this topic would help most owners get the most efficient use of their units. Efficiently running the heat pump will help to keep heating bills down.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat pump units and air conditioners work in much the same manner. They pull warm air from the outside and push it into the home. In locations with mild winters, enough heat can usually be generated so that a back up heating source would not be needed.

In very cold areas, however, there may not be enough warmth in the outside air to warm the home sufficiently. The units can also work as an air conditioner usually does, by drawing warm air from the home to the outside.

In an extremely warm location, though, the unit may be unable to pull enough warm air outside and an air conditioner unit may be needed inside.

Recently manufactured heat pumps have newer features to make them even more efficient. They are more reliable and energy efficient than older models. Some new models draw hear out of the ground rather than from the air.

This provides more reliable temperatures because the temperature of the ground is more stable than that of the air.

There are also models that have storage ability so that when excess air is pulled in and not needed at present, it can be stored for later use. The result of this is that the unit is more sufficient as a source of heat.

Most units are similar to a furnace in operation and have a thermostat to allow turning off and on to maintain a particular temperature.

The popularity of heat pumps are just beginning to gain momentum. People are learning that the units provide a heat source that is stable and helps to reduce energy use and heating bills. They are becoming more similar to other traditional sources of heat and run more efficiently than earlier models.

It is important to learn how to use heat pumps properly and understand their benefits and limitations. For many homeowners, they are a superior choice and an excellent addition to providing safe and reliable heat.

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