How does a Swamp Cooler Work?

Swamp coolers also known as evaporative coolers, cooling towers, human skin and earthenware pots for cooling drinking water all work on the principle. They all utilize evaporative cooling.

The water is divided into small drops and clean air is forced through it. The heat transfer process, from air to water or water to air, much depends on the design of the cooling device, but it is interesting to note the human skin cools as the sweat on the skin surface evaporates.

The Construction of Swamp Coolers

This type of cooler comprises of a fan situated inside a box and pads are placed on the suction side of the fan. In general, the pads are made from PVC or wood shavings. When the water hits the pads it is broken down into tiny droplets by the air produced by the fan.

In reality, evaporative coolers consist of a sizable box that houses a fan and a pump, these components divide the water into microscopic drops. Some of these coolers are fitted with a distributor that distributes the air evenly throughout the home.

Other more complex evaporative coolers have motors, pumps and fans.

How does a swamp cooler work?

Swamp coolers have numerous controls. For example, you can control the fan speed and adjust the float valve to control the air flow.

A percentage of portable evaporative coolers are fitted with water indicators instead of float valves and water levels are maintained by outside filling.

Conditions that Affect Performance

Use this type of cooling device and you cannot control the temperature of the airflow. The air emitted from the cooling device much depends on the outdoor air temperature and humidity levels.

So, why invest in an evaporative cooler? This is a primitive type of air conditioning and our forefathers had no choice in the matter. Today, it is all about money, those who need a low cost, energy saving cooling device choose swamp coolers.

Choosing the Right Swamp Cooler

A swamp coolers capacity is measures in CFM or cubic feet per minute. For instance, a room measuring fifteen feet by twelve feet comprises of 1358 cubic feet, hence you will buy a cooler to suit.

The fans are capable of completely changing the room air every five minutes. The example given is for fans that divert cold air outside. Affix a swamp cooler to a window and capacity increases because the cooler is not able to recirculate the air.

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