How Good Is the Sears Mini Split Air Conditioner?

We get a lot of folks writing in to ask about the Sears mini split air conditioner. We’ll talk about these systems in this article. But, first, we’ll give you an overview of mini split or ductless ac units.

Ductless air conditioning systems, like the sears mini split air conditioner, offer a solution to residents of homes that don’t have heating ducts.

The ducts of a forced air system provide a pathway for the cooled air produced by central air conditioning. Unfortunately, many homes do not have this pathway. It could be that the home in question is heated with a hot water/radiant system, or there could be an addition that does share the duct work with the original structure.

Overall, the Sears split system provides a popular and efficient way to cool a home.

These cooling systems have all of the components of a traditional central air system. The compressor/condenser is located outside of the home. Inside there are units to disperse the cooled air. These two components are connected with a length of conduit that contains the power lines and the necessary tubing.

There are many benefits to ductless air conditioning.

First, they are much more than discreet than the window air conditioner models that are their alternative. They don’t block any light and take up much less space. Furthermore, when the hot weather ends and the colder months approach, there is no need to dread the chore of removing a window unit and storing it for the winter.

Second, they are relatively easy to install, with minimal disruption to the structure of the home. What’s more, the outside unit can be placed a distance from the home, thanks to the flexibility of a conduit that can be cut to the perfect length for each job. Also, because the air is not traveling through duct work before it reaches its destination, there is no risk of the wasted energy due to lost cooled air.

Last, a mini split can handle different zones in a home through multiple inside units connected to the one outside unit. Each zone/area can be controlled with its own thermostat- set at a temperature that fits the needs of the location.

Sears offers an excellent selection of mini split air conditioners. They all provide cooling comfort in the hot months, but it is wise to take the time and carefully research to find the perfect model to fit your needs. Look carefully at your options, and take the first step towards a comfortable summer.

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