How Much Does It Cost to Install Ductless Air Conditioning?

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For many years, my stepson has been living without the comfort of central air conditioning, simply because there is no ductwork in the old house he bought.

In order to keep the house cool in the summer he had to use a How Much Does It Cost to Install Ductless Air Conditioningnumber of window air conditioner units, but these needed to be put in the windows each spring, then removed and stored once fall arrived. Additionally, the house was never comfortable because there were always areas that were too hot or too cold and each window unit needed to be adjusted independently.

Then, one day he heard about the benefits of a ductless air conditioner and he began asking — how much does it cost to install ductless air conditioning. Now his entire family is able to live in an environment that is much more comfortable.

Fortunately, if your home has ductwork and a furnace, adding a ductless split ac system is a fairly simple matter. However, if you don’t have ductwork, a typical air conditioning unit is not going to work, but a ductless AC system can still provide the cooling comfort you need.

A ductless air conditioner consists of two separate parts. First, there is an inside unit that is mounted on a wall in your home to pump the cool air. This unit has refrigerant lines that connect it to another unit located on the outside of your home. The ductless air conditioner is controlled by a thermostat.

While this type of unit can only cool one room, it still offers a much more efficient cooling system than a typical window AC unit. The thermostat allows you to set a constant temperature and you also avoid the loud compressor noise of a window unit as it turns on and off. A ductless unit delivers cool air using a quiet blower.

Ductless air conditioning offers the benefits of not needing to be placed in an open window. For security reasons, this is definitely an important advantage; after all, if someone wanted to break in, all they would need to do is push a window air AC out of the way and enter through the open window.

Of course, you also avoid the hassle of having to move the unit every spring and fall, because the ductless air conditioner can stay in one place throughout the year. You can add more units to other areas of your home to keep other rooms cool as well. It is estimated that a ductless cooling system for a home that is 2,000 square feet would cost approximately $5,000 to $7,000, a big investment, but one that offers a comfortable indoor environment.

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