How The Energy Star Rating Is Earned

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Anyone who is currently shopping for an appliance will eventually come across the ENERGY STAR label. In fact, just yesterday we had a guy write in who asked us about the 9000 BTU air conditioner power consumption for his new Energy Star portable ac unit.

9000 BTU Air Conditioner Power ConsumptionMost people are likely aware of the fact that appliances that are Energy Star rated are going to be more energy efficient than those options that lack this rating. This article will give you a brief overview of what Energy Star really is, how product ratings are established and why this is a great idea.

For most consumers, the foremost goal is to cut costs.

In order to earn the Energy Star label, room air conditioners will need to use 10% less energy while doing the same amount of work that a standard model performs. For instance, a 9000 BTU air conditioner power consumption level will have to be 10% less. (This is determined by using the energy efficient ratio or EER, which is the power output measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs and divided by the power consumption in Watts).

You might not experience immediate savings, given that an Energy Star rated window air conditioner is probably going to be a bit more costly. As time, passes, however, the difference is going to be made up and you are going to start realizing real savings. According to the EPA and the DOE, average savings for the life of an Energy Start rated room AC is about $75. This number is expected to rise in accordance with energy costs.

This energy rating system is a development that was produced through a joint effort by the US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency. This was done in part to give consumers more control over their ability to cut energy costs and lower their carbon footprints. When consumers opt to invest in appliances that are energy-efficient, these choices apply pressure on AC manufacturers to increase the efficiency of the products they supply. The Energy Star rating rewards efforts and lets buyers know which options have met the standards that are necessary for earning the label. It additionally makes it easier to compare the efficiency of products that are similar in design.

In order to have this prestigious rating, products will have to earn it first. This program has set criteria for qualifying for a variety of products and these criteria can be reviewed by visiting the website for the program (see link below) and you can additionally find lists of products that are qualified among other things.

I believe that this energy rating program has seen a few changes throughout the years and that increased energy costs have made more people interested. Whether or not people ascribe to the popular and current theories concerning global warming, it is easy for everyone to understand that it is worth the effort to reduce energy consumption, even if you are only driven to do so as a way of cutting costs.

There has been such a significant increase in the world population that even modest reductions by enough consumers can make a marked difference in energy consumption overall. For people, there is an obvious reward and this is simply that it will cost a lot less.

In general, environmental pollution and inevitable changes in fuel supply are all good reasons to make efforts worldwide at reducing energy consumption. Ideally, new sources of energy will prove to be both cleaner and capable of producing far less pollution. As our dependence on fossil fuels starts to wane, there are a few things that we will need to change. It will be necessary to build new power plants in order to produce energy by whichever processes have been accepted as the norm, whether these are wind, nuclear, solar, hydroelectric or various combinations of these and other tactics.

This, however, is going to take a while and the population will continue increasing. Until new plants are ready to take over, it is vital to reduce the rate of increase for consumption and one large part of this effort is to use appliances that are energy efficient. For instance, let’s say that you need a new window AC. If you are replacing a model that is older and less efficient, the new unit is going to reduce the amount of energy you consume. If you are simply adding a new one, the amount of energy you consume will increase. Purchasing an Energy Star rated window air conditioner will help to limit this increase.

It is interesting to note that energy efficiency is not the sole criteria for qualifying. Other features are considered as well, such as timers, digital displays, remote controls and directional vents. Products that are qualified usually have more features than their alternatives. There is a reason why. Features help people to use this equipment more efficiently, by using it when necessary rather than running it continuously. Now that you know what Energy Star means, start using this information when shopping for a new window AC unit or any other home appliance. You won’t regret having done so.

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