How The GE Portable Air Conditioner Stacks Up To The Competition

The GE portable air conditioner has a lot of competition in the home cooling industry, so we wanted to make a brief assessment of how this unit stacks up.

After having performed a bit of research, we discovered that the GE APEO8AK is a good way to cool down your space if you are searching for a portable design. It is a GE AC 8000 that has a stylish look and it is deep in power.

One major benefit is the 24 hour timer that comes included with this model that allows you to set the unit according to your daily schedule. Best of all, you get a digital thermostat that is remote control operated and this means that you can change the AC settings from anywhere in the room.

You should note that you will usually have to have a nearby window to vent portable models in order to get rid of the warm air. This unit is certainly no exception. Thus, you have to make sure that there is ample access to the outdoors so that hot air can be vented.

There are varied online reviews of this GE model, but we think that many people have misguided perceptions of what portable units are capable of accomplishing. If you are relying on this unit to keep your space freezing cold and live in a region with extremely high temperatures, unless 8000 BTU is sufficient for your space, you are probably going to be disappointed.

Be sure that you know how to properly size an air conditioning unit for your space in order to avoid this issue. More importantly, when you start sizing for a portable model, try to get one with more BTUs than you actually require. There are a number of positive reviews for this model and people have also stated that it is very quiet when operating.

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