How to Add a Portable Air Conditioner Hose Extension

Portable Air Conditioner Hose Extension
These questions and answers are designed to answer questions about installing and venting a portable air conditioner.

What is the Importance of Venting Portable Air Conditioners

These units extract hot air from the interior, which requires ventilation to the outside. Venting the unit is the only way to ensure it will cool the room. All portable units include a venting kit with purchase. Users can vent these units through a wall, door, window or ceiling depending on the set up.

In most cases, plexiglass is the material of choice for venting a cooler through a  window. The first step in the set up process is to cut a piece of plexiglass in the same dimensions as the window. Cut a hole measuring five inches in diameter through the plexiglass and place it over the window opening. The cooling unit will vent hot air through the hole. Using plexiglass preserves the view through the window.

If you need an extension to your air conditioner hose, you can find the 3m Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose Extension Kit. This will allow you to move the ac unit even further away from the window where you are venting it.

What are the Characteristics of a Portable Unit?

These air coolers are moved easily from one location to another. Since they are self-contained, no Portable Air Conditioner Hose Extension is necessary. They do require venting to work properly. Place the unit in the room and position the exhaust hose so the hot air blows outside.

How to Vent a Portable Cooler

You must install the venting kit for proper ventilation. The venting kit is not needed when using the fan or when heating a room. Follow these steps for installing a venting kit:

  1. Determine placement for the vent.
  2. Attach the exhaust connector to the opening on the back of the unit.
  3. Attach the hose.
  4. Adjust the window kit to fit your vent opening.
  5. Attach the adapter to your window kit.
  6. Place the venting kit in the window, attach the exhaust hose and close the window. The air conditioner is ready for use.

Ensure that the exhaust hose is free of kinks. Portable air conditioner hose extension is not advised but the hose may be shortened if necessary. Place the unit near any existing electrical outlet and do not attach an extension cord because manufacturers do not recommend this practice.

These are general directions for installing a portable air cooler but the exact venting procedure varies depending on the unit. Consumers should follow the instructions that come with the air conditioner they purchase. With proper installation, the unit will provide many years of service.

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