How to Add Freon to AC Unit – The Ultimate Guide

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Is your air conditioner giving you problems?

Several issues that your air conditioner might develop can often be resolved through a few, easy maintenance tasks that you can complete on your own.

“Keep it simple stupid” is an old saying that can actually mean quite a lot. Before you start believing that you have a major technical problem that requires a costly professional repair, try taking a few simple ac service measures and identify some of the obvious problems.

best air conditioner filters for houseYou should first make sure that the filter in the body of this equipment is clean and in good condition.

If you have noticed a build up of ice on or near your outdoor or indoor cooling unit, you should turn this equipment off, especially if it was having a hard time cooling the home down and then you should let this settle for up to 8 hours so that the ice can thaw. It is important to note that any ice you see on the exterior of your AC unit is only a small portion of all the ice that exists.

Most buildups of ice are on the interior of the unit at the evaporator coil that lies inside of the ductwork and thus, given that you are not able to see this, you should make sure to let the unit thaw out fully before you turn it back on.

With all of the registers opened, once you turn the unit back on you can check to see that the filter is in good shape and that the areas around all of the supply and return registers are free and clear of dirt, dust and debris.

Should the interior of the system clog up again once it is turned back on, you will likely need to contact a trusted AC repair professional.

The unit might be low on freon. If your provider supplies freon but is unable to determine the source of the leak, you can think about getting a freon leak fix kit as these are available online and learning how to add freon to AC unit is actually quite easy to do.

The condensate depletion is likely blown out and thus, condensate pan pads will have to put into the evaporator pan regularly, if you are able to access this. This will stop slime and dirt-build up in this area. Pan pads for condensation are another maintenance and repair item that you can get on the web.

You should also know that that resolving this depletion is not going to solve your problem if your unit still has a water leak. You will need to go back and take the steps that have been mentioned above.

Another vital step in your airconditioner maintenance is to wash the how to add freon to ac unit coils in your AC. Use a good coil solution to coat these and then let these soak for a bit before rinsing them off. Clear away all plants and grass from this product to create a foot or so of open space.

Air conditioner maintenance packages are sold online that include fin combs, coil solutions, coil cleaning brushes and even a coil level solution. You should wash your outside condenser coil at least one or two times per year. You might not need to wash an indoor coil as frequently, so long as you are making an effort to use a high-quality air filter. Keeping the coils clear will also have a positive impact on your home energy costs.

Make sure to use the main breaker to turn the power off to your system before you begin working on the inside of this equipment. Additionally, make certain to wear safety gloves and goggles when using coil cleaning solutions. A dirty indoor or evaporator coil can also cause the unit to stop working properly.

Dirty condensers will also make it less likely to function well when the outside temperatures start to climb. Another sign that you need to clean your outside unit is when the equipment becomes hot to the touch. Remember that even though you don’t see dirt on your outdoor coil, this does not mean that this component isn’t dirty. The right coil cleaner will gently lift out all of the dust that has become trapped in here. Both of these issues can result in early compressor failure.

A condensate drain that has become blocked could be the cause of water dripping in the interior of your AC system or around it.

Remember, these are just a few basic points that homeowners can use to prevent and resolve problems in their air conditioners. It is always preferable, however, to have a certified air conditioner technician or company check your freon levels for you on a routine basis.

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