How to Buy an Air Conditioner

If this is your first time buying an air conditioning unit, you will probably need some guidance with the process. Buying an air conditioner for your home is much different than buying furniture. Shopping for furniture simply requires you to choose pieces that compliment your home decor. With an air conditioner, appearance is nowhere near the most important consideration.

When purchasing a new AC unit, you must take into account efficiency, performance, quality and price. You should also know where to begin your search. Read on for some helpful guidelines that will lead you to your next air conditioning unit.

iStock_college girlsYour first stop should be a local home appliance store, because of the numerous options available. Seeing the AC unit in person is a big advantage. Staff will also be available if you have questions, and you will get an instant and knowledgeable reply. The only problem with this in-person option is the time and energy involved with visiting multiple stores.

Another great source of air conditioning units is the Internet. Online shopping is a great resource in that it allows you to easily compare units. Although this is a convenient way to shop, you must consider the associated shipping costs.

If the seller is located far away from you, these shipping costs may override the convenience of the online experience. Instead of paying for shipping, locate the website of your favorite local appliance store and order your AC unit online. You can then pick up the item in person after ordering.

You can also buy an air conditioner from surplus shops or warehouses that sell brand new units with minor cosmetic defects. This is a great option if you are short on cash, but be sure to double check the product for defects aside from the ones specified.

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