How To Choose The Right Number of Watts for Your Air Conditioner

10000 BTU Air Conditioner Watts
There are many different types of air conditioners that are currently being offered on the market. Modern options claim to provide quiet cooling technology, features for saving power and more importantly, efficient cooling. However, how is it possible to know whether you are selecting the right model for your residence? Also, you need to know that you are choosing the right number of watts for your air conditioner.

10000 BTU Air Conditioner WattsIt is first important to note that although the size of an AC unit matters, this does not mean that larger units are always going to be better than smaller ones. The cooling power that an air conditioner provides is rated in terms of British Thermal Units or BTUs. This measures the heating or cooling capacity of an air conditioner or heat pump.

If your room is small, such as approximately 300 square feet, you have to have a unit with 5000 BTU. Higher ratings will prove inefficient in terms of power consumption and humidity. Excess BTU can result in the room having an atmosphere that is slimy and humid.

10000 to 12000 BTUs will be necessary for a room that is between 600 and 700 square feet. Requirements for a room can be higher, however, if the room has additional appliances. A 10000 BTU air conditioner watts requirement will range from 800 watts to 1600 watts. Watts are usually labeled on the casing for the unit.

You can use the size of the room to estimate the correct BTU. For instance, you will have to add 4000 BTUs if you plan on using your AC in the kitchen.

Several factors that can have an impact on BTU requirements include the insulation in the walls and the shading of the room. You can find free charts on the web that can be used to size your air conditioner.

It isn’t just about the cooling capacity. The energy efficiency of the unit is important as well. A standard has been set by the Department of Energy called the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating or the SEER rating.

The government has set the minimum SEER rating at 13. The highest possible SEER rating is currently 17. If you have an air conditioner that has a rating that is lower than 13, investing in a model that has a higher SEER would be a wise decision.

This unit might seem costly but it can actually save you thousands of dollars annually in terms of your electricity bill. Central AC units are a great choice if you have a larger home with a number of wide open rooms. One central unit is far better than many small-sized window units. Central air conditioning can also be quite a bit less costly to maintain.

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